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Lightning protection

Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) – Inspection, Testing, Repairs, Design and Installation. We provide a complete lightning conductor service.

lightning protection system for brick chimney in London
  • Our Lightning protection services include:
    Lighting protection inspections – Full inspection service for existing L.P.S. Visual inspection and resistance to earth testing from existing earth electrode inspection pits or test clamps. Continuity tests of down conductors and roof networks.
  • Lightning conductor repairs and maintenance– Full L.P.S. Repair service. The repair of existing lightning protection systems that have been damaged or vandalised.
  • Lightning conductor upgrades – Where buildings have been extended and require further protection against a lightning strike.
    The design and complete installation of a new L.P.S
  • Rope access/ abseiling (IRATA qualified) – Installation of Lighting down conductors including the use of industrial rope access equipment. Our IRATA certified abseilers are often required to install down conductors to high buildings such as tower blocks and industrial chimneys.
  • Equal potential bonding – The bonding of the building MET to reduce the risk of side flashing during a lightning strike.
  • Bonding of plant items – Where newly installed plant items or hand rails require bonding to the lightning protection roof network.
  • Earthing & earth testing – the earthing of steel framed building where the structural steel work is utilised as part of a system – New earth electrodes driven for use within electrical sub stations.
  • Industrial chimneys – earthing of mild steel industrial chimneys or the installation of down conductors and coronal bands to brick chimney stacks.
  • The bonding of chimney liners and the installation of air termination rods.
  • The use of fall arrest and fall restrain equipment where lightning protection roof networks are require at a buildings edge, where no edge protection is currently installed.

Our Qualified Steeplejacks and IRATA certified lightning protection engineers can install to buildings and structures where access is difficult. Working at height is a company specialty.

If you have any more questions about our lightning protection services, or any other service, please Contact us now.