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Industrial Rope Access (IRATA)

Allchimneys I.R.A.T.A certified abseiling and CSCS steeplejack industrial chimney team can utilise safe rope access for many varied applications:

  • Industrial chimney & domestic chimney repairs & inspections.
  • Installation & inspection of boiler flues & chimney linings.
  • The installation, inspection & testing of lightning protection & earthing systems.
  • N.D.T testing of industrial chimneys & tall structures.
  • Building surveys & maintenance.
  • Bird netting & Pigeon control systems.
  • Window cleaning.
  • All aspects of maintenance & repairs where access is difficult without scaffold I.e. Application of mastics & painting.
  • Edge protection, fall arrest & fall restraint.

Industrial rope access (CITB qualified - IRATA certified)

Fall restraint methods are often used when accessing roofs or chimneys and are used when installing Chimney product, lightning protection or permanent fall arrest systems. We use similar methods on all contracts where we have identified a risk of falling from height. Our expert abseilers use the most up-to-date rope access equipment available (supplied by Petzl).

All of our commercial abseiling equipment is periodically inspected and holds all of the relevant certificates of conformity. 

Should you require any further information on our Rope Access services please contact us now.

The Section below details some of our recent contracts utilising rope access equipment for chimney installation, Rope access inspections and installing lightning conductors:

Commercial Abseilers – Installation of a Twin Wall Insulated Boiler Flue at a London hotel

During a 2019 Christmas shutdown a completely new boiler flue system was installed by Allchimneys at a Hotel in Victoria, London. 3No new gas fired condensing boilers were installed – connection to main 300mm Twin Wall Insulated flue was made with a 3-branch header. 

No scaffold was allowed by main contractor as the new flue was to rise vertically within a lightwell to termination. Our IRATA certified team of chimney installers rigged safe access from roof area and install the entire 30m of insulated flue from ropes.

Should you require any further information on our Commercial Rope Access services please contact us now.

Rope access inspections – Surveys carried out by our commercial abseiling team

Routine maintenance and external brickwork inspection carried out at a Kensington hotel in West London. Where scaffold is not an option. Our rope access team can carry out the works!

Should you require any further information on our Rope Access company please contact us now.

Rope Access chimney surveys – utilising a crane and man basket

Industrial rope access technician (Craig Hunter – Director at Allchimneys) carrying out a visual inspection of two 120ft industrial brick chimneys with use of a crane and man basket. This site had two large chimneys within one crane radius. both were inspected for defects. A list of remedial repairs were listed in our written report including repairs to the stone head and chimney cappings, repointing to chimney brickwork and the painting of the mild steel retaining bands. These type of works are usually undertaken with steeplejack access equipment but rope access is still used in some form.


If you have any more questions about our industrial Rope Access (IRATA) services, or any other service, please Contact us now.