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Wood-Burning Stove Installation
- HETAS approved stove installers

When installing a wood burning stove in your home it is of paramount importance to use a HETAS registered company. Our HETAS approved wood burning stove installers have a vast knowledge in the installation of solid fuel heating equipment and the expertise required to install these appliances in all areas of your home.

We regularly deal with a wide variety of installations, from standard wood burning stove installations into an existing fireplace opening, including the relining of your chimney flue, right through to the more complicated installations. Even if your wood burning stove is positioned in the centre of a room and requires a twin wall insulated chimney product to be run right through the centre of your house, AllChimneys can help.

Our HETAS approved stove installers have over twenty years experience in:

All of the services, experience and the training you would expect from a HETAS registered company.

Below is an example of one of our recent wood burning stove installations. The property is a Victorian town house situated in the London borough of Islington. The wood burning stove was installed to the ground floor lounge Fireplace. The existing brick chimney stack required some minor repairs which included a new chimney pot and the chimney was lined with a 6" stainless steel flexible chimney liner.

These photographs can answer many of your questions relating to wood burning stove installation. They show flue/stove pipe connections and what a register plate should look like when it is fabricated and installed by a HETAS approved professional.

Wood-burning stove installation

The Chesney 4.6KW flatford stove awaiting installation:

The fireplace opening was sealed during the chimney repair works and chimney sweeping was carried out prior to the installation of the chimney lining.

Chimney lining - Before


Register plate first fix:

The chimney lining entry point is over sized to allow stove pipe connection. Another final fix to follow with the exact size cover plate to fit the stove pipe outside diameter.

Stove Installation Register plate - Chimney liner


The chimney lining:

The chimney liner enters the fireplace opening from 13m above ensuring the chimney flue is now gas tight prior to the installation of the wood burning stove.

Chimney lining Flex - Hanging Through New Stove Installation



The flexible S/S chimney flue lining is now fitted with a reducing flex adaptor to accommodate the reduction in size from 6" to 5" as this wood burner has a 5" flue outlet.

Chimney liner adapter for new Wood Burning Stove


Register plate and stove pipe:

The sealed register plate is now complete with adequate fixings and tightly fits around the stove pipe. The stove pipe has the additional advantage of a removable soot door that allows easy access for future chimney sweeping, should our chimney sweep require access to the flue outside of the solid fuel appliance.

Completed Wood-burning Stove installation with chimney lining


The finished Job:

The wood burner is now smoke tested and the client is instructed in the correct procedures of lighting and using their new heating appliance. After completion of works the client is issued with a HETAS certificate of compliance. A copy of this certificate is then sent to HETAS and is recorded with Building control.

Wood Burning Stove


Wood Burning Stoves - Air Supply

All wood burning stoves or solid fuel appliances require an adequate supply of air to ensure that the complete combustion of the fuel occurs and the chimney flue functions correctly.

If your wood burning stove doesn’t have sufficient air supply for the combustion and the ventilation then this can have very serious consequences. Smoking back may occur and the incomplete combustion of the fuel will increase the levels of carbon monoxide in the air which is a serious health hazard. This is also a major factor leading to the build up of tar/creosote deposits within the chimney flue or chimney lining, which can increase the risk of chimney lining fires.

For appliances & wood burning stoves with a total output of up to 5KW(small to medium size multi fuel stoves and wood burners) no provision is required as the natural leakage into the room around the doors and windows may be adequate. However, in well insulated rooms it may be necessary to provide additional air supply.

Extractor fans should not be located in the same room as the solid fuel appliance or wood burning stove is installed. The use of a mechanical extractor fan in any room will create a pressure depression. If this depression is greater than the up draught in the chimney flue/chimney lining, then this will cause combustion fumes & smoke to be drawn into the room.

If you have any more questions about our HETAS certified wood burning stove installation service, or any other service, please contact us now.

HETAS Certified Installers


It is a pleasure to be asked to write a little about our experience of Craig Hunter and his team at All Chimneys.

The attention and thought that Craig gave our installation was apparent from the very start, from when we were approaching several companies for estimates to do this job for us.

Craig responded to all our queries with impressively clear and helpful detailed information – something which my wife and I really appreciated. It was obvious that Craig really knew his stuff, understood what we were after and had the care and patience to answer all the queries and concerns that we had.

On the day of installation Craig and his father attended. They were immaculate workmen on site, tidy and conscientious. From speaking to them both – especially Dad – it was clear that they had years and years of incredible experience behind them and were a pleasure to have around.

After the installation was complete Craig kept in touch to ensure all was working as required and even returned to undertake a final bit of touching up for us.

The photographs on the website speak for themselves – we love our stove and the installation and cannot speak highly enough about the service we received from All Chimneys. We have dealt with a lot of trades over the past few months as we have been doing a lot of work on our home - All Chimneys have been second to none in all regards.

So, we would enthusiastically recommend Allchimneys Ltd to friends and strangers alike and would certainly come straight back to them if we required another installation.

Jonathan and Joanna
Islington, London