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- Industrial Steeplejack services

Allchimneys offer the complete Steeplejack service. Working at height has been a family tradition and after years of experience, handed down through family generations we have undertaken all aspects of Steeplejack works; from the repair and installation of industrial chimneys to the gilding of the weather vanes at the tower of London!

Shown below are a variety of photographs taken over the last 40 years. These photographs include works to church spires and flag pole repairs in London and some shots taken as far afield as Queensland, Australia, where we worked on industrial chimney repairs for the famous brewery, Castlemaine.

Mild Steel Chimney Inspection

Steeplejack services in Essex, London & Kent

Our chimney inspection service begins by laddering the chimney and rigging the bosuns chairs so that we can fully inspect the chimney shell, flanges, flange bolts, base plate and the holding down bolts. Where fitted, guy-wires, anchors, access fittings and fall arrest systems will also be subjected to a full inspection.

Aluminium chimney cladding, which is widely used to insulate mild steel industrial chimneys, is inspected to determine the condition of the rivets and banding and we also check the security and weather seal of the flange boxes and covers.

Steel Chimney Inspection

Allchimneys will also carry out NDT testing, using an ultrasonic thickness test to determine the current thickness of the chimney shell; readings are taken from the chimneys base and at intervals on every chimney section to the capping ring or plate at the chimneys top.

Should the chimney be of multi flue design we are also able to inspect the chimney liners with our CCTV inspection equipment. All of our chimney inspections are followed with a detailed report including our recommendations and cost of repairs.

Brick Chimney Inspection:

Allchimneys begin by gaining access to your chimney by the use of tradition steeplejack ladders. Bosuns chairs & industrial rope access equipment can used to gain access to the full circumference of the chimney brickwork. Brickwork & stone condition is examined and the mortar joints are thoroughly inspected. Mild steel retaining bands which are commonly installed to older brick stacks can be inspected for condition and bolt security.

Lightning protection, down conductors, coronial bands and air & earth termination points are fully inspected and tested. All types of chimney lining are reviewed whether they are brick, mild steel or newly installed modular flue systems they are then inspected using our specialised CCTV equipment.

Brick Chimney Steeplejack services in Essex, London & Kent

Lightning Protection

Lightning conductors are commonly installed to all industrial chimneys. Allchimneys supply, test and install all forms of lightning protection systems. Please refer to our Lightning Protection page for more information.

Fall Arrest Systems & Access Fittings

Allchimneys supply, test and install complete fall arrest systems and access fitting solutions for use on industrial chimneys and tall structures. Please refer to our Fall Arrest Systems page for more information.

Steeplejack - Our Family History

Below you can see some images from our families history, working as steeplejacks on all types of chimneys, all around the world! Take a look through the gallery and read the descriptions below to learn a bit more about the history of Allchimneys.

Repairs to a church spire in Shepherds Bush, West London - 1981.



This photo shows steeplejacks Roger Hunter and Alan Burford working from bosuns chairs on the same church spire. They are seen here keying the stonework prior to repair. Current health and safety legislation requires the wearing of a harness fastened to the bosuns chair and head protection. Allchimneys Steeplejacks are also trained to IRATA standard in the use of industrial rope access.



This photo shows the initial steeplejack inspection of the church steeple and the lightning protection system installed on the church. Roger Hunter, Alan Burford and Lloyd Davy are the steeplejacks shown. The church is in Shepherds Bush, London and the year is approximately 1981.

Access to the brick and stone church spire was gained using traditional steeplejack ladders and the bosuns chairs. The works were recommended after the inspection revealed the need for stone repairs, re-pointing of spire brickwork and the servicing of the weather vane. The weather vane was removed from the spire and gilded with gold leaf, on reinstatement of the weather vane a new lightning conductor was fitted to the spire and bonded to the weather vane. Lightning strikes are often the cause of damage to tall structures such as church spires and industrial chimneys.

This method of erecting steeplejack ladders we still use today as it is the only way of access other than using Scaffold or a Crane. Rope Access(Abseiling) is also used on many inspection jobs however bosuns chairs, shown in this photo are still often used for the duration of the works.

Some things never change! Three steeplejacks take a tea break in the church pew.



Castlemaine Perkins Brewery chimney in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 200ft mild steel industrial chimney.

This photo shows the famous Castlemaine 'XXXX' chimney in Australia. The steeplejack seen here painting the 4 X's is Roger Hunter. This is one year previous to the birth of his first son, Craig, the current director of Allchimneys Ltd.

Other than the painting of the 'XXXX', the works carried out on this chimney were: repainting of the black smoke band seen at the chimney top and the replacement of flange bolts in all the mild steel sections. The steeplejack ladders seen here are tied around the chimney shell using wire bonds. The current method of fixing jack ladders to a steel chimney or structure is to weld either 'Access hooks' or sockets which 3/4 inch or 20mm 'screw eyes' are threaded into. This industrial chimney would also be fitted with a Fall Arrest System. This would consist of a permanently attached safety wire run from the chimney top to ground level. The wire would be fixed to one side where the access fittings were installed to safely erect the steeplejack ladders. Allchimneys Ltd supply, test and install all fall arrest systems and access fittings to industrial chimneys.

This photo, taken in the late 70's is of Steeplejack Roger Hunter erecting ladders to the flag pole at the palace of Westminster. The flag pole is of sectional cast iron construction and the guy-wires for this pole are in fact made from chain. The crown top of the pole is 405ft from ground level. The works consisted of a thorough inspection of the pole, guy chains and anchors and the resulting work was to remove the crown and lower to the roof where it was gilded with gold leaf then reinstated to the head of the pole. Later works to the same buildings were to inspect, test and repair the lightning protection system.

Houses of Parliament. Palace of Westminster. 405ft Flag Pole.


Should you require steeplejack services in any other field that requires specialist access and knowledge then please contact us now.

HETAS Certified Installers


We appointed Allchimneys to install a log burning stove and chimney flue into our house.

Craig and his team did a fantastic job, they provided a professional service and quality workmanship. They were polite, reliable, tidy & delivered to timescale.

I would highly recommend them, and wish more tradesmen had their work ethic and professionalism.

Rebekah O'Toole MBA
Brentwood, Essex