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Chimney Lining
- Repair and renew your chimneys lining

When you ask us to install a new chimney lining, we take a flexible, stainless steel tube and run it from the top of your chimney to the fireplace gather or directly to the solid fuel appliance.

The new chimney lining will remain invisible whilst offering the best protection possible for your chimney. Relining your chimney is simple, safe and will last a lot longer than ordinary bricks and mortar.

What We Do

If you have a problem with your current chimney lining, or you want a new stainless steel chimney liner installed, then you have come to the right place.

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Allchimneys will start by carrying out an on-site chimney inspection. This includes smoke testing, accessing the roof to check the condition of your chimney pot and then checking the condition of your current chimney lining. We inspect the chimney stack and take measurements of the fireplace opening with relation to the stove and the relevent building regulations for the installation of solid fuel applainces.

One of our experts will then advise which Solid Fuel appliance is suitable and decide whether the existing brick chimney should be relined with a stainless steel flexible chimney liner.

Chimney lining - Installation

We thought you might like to have a look at how Allchimneys install a new chimney lining. The pictures below show step-by-step, how a stainless steel chimney lining is installed by our expert team.

Initial access to the roof is gained using specialist steeplejack ladders, therefore there's no requirement for an expensive scaffold. This photo shows the Steeplejack ladders to side elevation also attached is the "Allchimneys" banner.

Allchimneys ladder with All chimneys Van


After the chimney repair works; including pointing and the installation of a new chimney pot are complete, the new chimney liner is seen in this photo being passed through the entire flue to the ground floor fireplace opening.

Chimney liner installed in the chimney stack. Allchimneys Professional


The 6" solid fuel chimney liner is seen closely here from the top of the brick chimney stack. The other chimney pots on this property have chimney cowls installed.

Close up of chimney liner entering chimney pot


Chimney lining enters the fireplace opening. From this point the Chimney Lining can be either connected to a wood-burning stove using the correct stove pipes and connectors, or if the liner is to be used to line a chimney where a fire basket/open fire is installed, then a Gather hood can be built into the chimney breast above the fireplace opening.

Chimney lining flex hanging through a new stove installation


This installation required connection to a Solid Fuel stove. The photo here shows the underside of the register plate with the 6" flexible chimney liner now fitted with a Reducing flex adaptor allowing it to connect to a stove with a 5" flue outlet.

Chimney liner adapter


The finished job! This photo shows the installed chimney cowl which also has a bird guard mesh to prevent birds from falling down the chimney flue.

Chimney Lining and Pot installed


Why do i need a stainless steel chimney lining?

Installing a new chimney lining completely removes rough surfaces, sharp bends, steep angles, large voids and pockets within a chimney flue. These defects create resistance to the flow of the flue gases and greatly reduce the draw or pull on the chimney. A new chimney lining often eliminates all of the causes leading to poor chimney draw. The Stainless steel chimney liner has a smooth inner skin and the chimney gently sweeps through the 45 degree sets within the chimney construction.

Another problem with poorly lined chimneys is that air leakage into the brick chimney flue has the effect of cooling the flue gases which again can reduce chimney draught. A twin walled stainless steel flexible chimney lining is gas tight and eliminates leakage. When relining a brick chimney with an Allchimneys liner the air space created between the lining and the inner brickwork of the existing chimney flue help to insulate the flue gases, again helping to increase chimney efficiency.

If you have any more questions about our chimney lining installation, or any other service, please Contact us now.

HETAS Certified Installers


It is a pleasure to be asked to write a little about our experience of Craig Hunter and his team at All Chimneys.

The attention and thought that Craig gave our installation was apparent from the very start, from when we were approaching several companies for estimates to do this job for us.

Craig responded to all our queries with impressively clear and helpful detailed information – something which my wife and I really appreciated. It was obvious that Craig really knew his stuff, understood what we were after and had the care and patience to answer all the queries and concerns that we had.

On the day of installation Craig and his father attended. They were immaculate workmen on site, tidy and conscientious. From speaking to them both – especially Dad – it was clear that they had years and years of incredible experience behind them and were a pleasure to have around.

After the installation was complete Craig kept in touch to ensure all was working as required and even returned to undertake a final bit of touching up for us.

The photographs on the website speak for themselves – we love our stove and the installation and cannot speak highly enough about the service we received from All Chimneys. We have dealt with a lot of trades over the past few months as we have been doing a lot of work on our home - All Chimneys have been second to none in all regards.

So, we would enthusiastically recommend Allchimneys Ltd to friends and strangers alike and would certainly come straight back to them if we required another installation.

Jonathan and Joanna
Islington, London