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Chimney Sweeps
- Chimney sweeping makes your chimney safe & efficient

Do I need a chimney sweep?

This photograph was taken by our chimney sweep before the chimney had been swept. It shows a typical domestic flue from a 1930's house in Romford, Essex. This chimney flue is of brick construction and standard in size, 9" x 9" (the length of an imperial sized brick). This shot is taken from just within the fireplace opening and if you look closely to the right side of the brick gather and further up the flue you can see initial decay of the original chimney flue lining (often referred to as parging).

This is what the chimney looked like before Chimney lining started sweeping!


This chimney lining is made from lime mortar and over time breaks down due to chemical content in the smoke from the wood burning stove. Another factor causing the breakdown of the lining is the moisture from condensing flue gases and rain water being let in by a chimney pot with no cowl fitted.

Some clients have reported a build up of fallen brick dust or sand like debris on the fireplace hearth. This is a sure sign that the chimney needs to be swept and further inspection and smoke testing should be carried out by one of our professional chimney sweeps.

Allchimneys' sweeping and chimney repair team will also carry out CCTV surveys and if necessary, provide a written quotation on the installation of a new twin wall flexible chimney liner.

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More Information About Chimney problems

Any wood burning stove or multi fuel stove gives the most satisfaction when it is correctly installed and connected to an efficient chimney. Smoking back problems and lack of chimney draught are often caused by poor chimney design and construction, insufficient chimney sweeping, bad chimney linings, lack of ventilation or unfavourable site conditions.

The 'Pull' or 'Up draught' in a chimney results from a combination of the height of the flue and the difference in temperature between the flue gases and the outside air. Simply, the column of hot flue gases from the solid fuel appliance/open hearth fire is lighter in within the chimney flue than the equivalent column of cold air outside. The up draught can be reduced if your chimney needs sweeping, why not contact Allchimneys now to arrange a chimney inspection.

NACS (National Association of Chimney Sweeps)

What is the NACS?

The National Association of Chimney Sweeps was formed in 1982 as a professional trade association, now has of over 250 qualified members.The NACS promotes high standards for chimney sweeps, inspection and maintenance of chimneys. It is also a member of the European Federation of Chimney Sweeps (ESCHFOE). It is the national trade association in the UK to represent Chimney Sweeps and is exclusively recommended by all major fuel organisations, including :

Allchimneys are NACS Registered Chimney Sweeps

Allchimneys are able to issue NACS certificates for every chimney we sweep. This gives our customers complete confidence in the quality and experience of our chimney sweeps and the saftey of the work they carry out.

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Chimney fires:

Solid fuel stoves, wood burning stoves and fireplaces are designed to safely contain and burn fuel however the chimneys that serve them have the job of venting the fumes and substances given off from the burning fuel.

When the chimney cools down, some of these substances condense and stick to the walls of the chimney. Over time this flammable residue can build up considerably and under certain conditions may ignite, causing an extremely dangerous chimney fire.

One of the easiest ways to prevent such a fire is to make sure that your chimney is swept by a qualified chimney sweep on a regular basis (every year). This removes the majority of the dangerous residue and prevents fires.

If you have any more questions about our expert chimney sweeping service, or any other service we provide, please contact us now.

HETAS Certified Installers


It is a pleasure to be asked to write a little about our experience of Craig Hunter and his team at All Chimneys.

The attention and thought that Craig gave our installation was apparent from the very start, from when we were approaching several companies for estimates to do this job for us.

Craig responded to all our queries with impressively clear and helpful detailed information – something which my wife and I really appreciated. It was obvious that Craig really knew his stuff, understood what we were after and had the care and patience to answer all the queries and concerns that we had.

On the day of installation Craig and his father attended. They were immaculate workmen on site, tidy and conscientious. From speaking to them both – especially Dad – it was clear that they had years and years of incredible experience behind them and were a pleasure to have around.

After the installation was complete Craig kept in touch to ensure all was working as required and even returned to undertake a final bit of touching up for us.

The photographs on the website speak for themselves – we love our stove and the installation and cannot speak highly enough about the service we received from All Chimneys. We have dealt with a lot of trades over the past few months as we have been doing a lot of work on our home - All Chimneys have been second to none in all regards.

So, we would enthusiastically recommend Allchimneys Ltd to friends and strangers alike and would certainly come straight back to them if we required another installation.

Jonathan and Joanna
Islington, London

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